Recommended Products

Learn everything you need to know about these products as an Aquarius authorized dealer!

Aquarius is part of the American Bath Group family, which provides benefits from access to an ever-expansive product offering as part of this organization.

Therefore, some of the compatible products that appear on Aquarius' website are from one of the other brands included under ABG’s umbrella, more specifically in this case, shower doors that are part of the MAAX Bath product catalog.

Recommended products from other American Bath Group brands are only presented on Aquarius product pages if they are 100% compatible with Aquarius products.

Can I order shower doors from MAAX if I am an Aquarius authorized dealer?

As an Aquarius authorized dealer, you are given access to the MAAX shower doors catalog. If you do not have access to the MAAX shower doors price list right now, please contact your sales representative so they can make the necessary arrangements to grant you access.

All prices shown on the website are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP), exempt of applicable taxes. Contact your sales representative to find out more about the discount to which you are entitled.

How to measure your shower doors dimensions:

Door opening dimensions will differ for ceramic or acrylic walls. The door opening dimensions should be calculated as follows: stud to stud measurements minus the thickness of each wall (1 1⁄2 inches for acrylic walls or a minimum of 3⁄4 of an inch for ceramic walls).

Please note that the thickness of a ceramic wall may vary depending on the following components:

  • gypsum board thickness (1⁄2 of an inch to 5⁄8 of an inch),
  • cement thickness (1⁄8 of an inch to 1⁄4 of an inch),
  • ceramic thickness (1⁄8 of an inch to 5⁄16 of an inch).

Warranty details

If a MAAX shower door is purchased to be installed on an Aquarius product, then MAAX is responsible for providing a remedy should a problem arise (following express limited warranties) or for any warranty-related inquiries about the door:

For information on specific product warranties, please refer to MAAX's website for exact details, coverage and limitations:

Please take into account that the actual products may vary slightly in design or in color from what is shown on product pictures.

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