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Our Premium Acrylic Shower Pans and Bases are beautifully designed to fit the needs of the bathtub replacement. We offer a variety of builder sizes to replace bathtubs, and tile and/or cultured marble shower bases with the beauty and durability of Premium Acrylic.

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Remaining at home and totally independent becomes a reality with the BathBay Collection of walk-in tubs that include soakers, aerobaths, whirlpools, and aerowhirls. With The BathBay Collection, you really do have the best of both
worlds - a warm, deep soaking bath and shower too.

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The Choose Home Collection is designed to beautify your home today and allow for flexibility in the future. This thoughtful assortment of showers, tub showers, soaking tubs and sectional models each fit the criteria of the Choose Home theme - all of the design elements necessary to create bathing fixtures that are both beautiful and adaptable for future needs.

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Contractor Advantage Series offers whirlpools, air tubs, and soaking tubs especially designed to meet the needs of contractors, builders, plumbers, and remodelers. With fourteen models to choose from we have the sizes, shapes, and styles you need and want.

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Synonymous with luxury, the Destination Collection of bathware boasts every possible feature and option combination you will need for a complete hydrotherapeutic experience. Whether your desire is for a deep soaking bath, a effervescence AeroBath, the deep massage of a whirlpool, or the ultimate experience of an AeroWhirl, the Destination Collection features the perfect bath for you.

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The Aquarius Millenia Collection has been masterfully designed to exceed all customer expectations. All Aquarius Millenia Collection products feature the beautiful six-inch tile pattern with horizontal diamond scent panel for the appearance and texture of classic tile.

All Aquarius Millenia Collection products feature the ultimate up-grade – CenturyStone™ Natural and Solid, the seamless, solid surface technology material exclusive to the Praxis Companies.

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Now, even if you get surprised by an unexpected need for an ADA compliant shower unit, a premium residential shower, even our popular five-piece sectional remodeler unit, to keep your project on schedule, you can have up to two models ready to pick-up or ship within 48 hours. With 10 showers and 2 shower pans to choose from we have you covered.

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Designed specifically for custom homebuilders and showrooms our S3 Collection offers a diverse group of luxurious showers and tub showers molded from our beautiful Solid Surface material.

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The Multi-piece Collection is a collection of classically styled multi-piece showers and shower pans offering a realistic approach toward renovations with a focus on accessibility. Offering a 30 year warranty and available through our Rapid Ship program it's the perfect combination of practical and exceptional.

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